Pay As You Go Video Production

If you have a message you want to present on camera but don’t need all the ‘trimmings’ of a full service video shoot (and the price tag that goes along with it), this service is for you.

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Your choice of five different backgrounds.

Perfect for a video message, a video meeting, or a live-stream from a professional video studio.

Our studio rental slots are booked in 15 minute blocks, so you only pay for the time you need. Simply show up, present your message and we’ll send the finished product straight to your inbox within the hour. We’ll take care of all the details – including video feed, lighting and audio so you can focus on your job without having to worry about technical issues.

Live-stream Capable

This new service is also great if you want to host a livestream or virtual event. No more worrying about internet speeds, flaky WiFi, background noise or awful looking webcams.

Teleprompter Ready

If you need a teleprompter, send us your script in advance and we’ll have it ready for you when you arrive, so there’s no need to memorize a script.


Reserve a Time

Use our quote calculator and book a time to have your shoot. You let us know how long you need the space.

Shoot Your Video

Everything will be set-up and ready for you.


Get your video files sent to your email within an hour of shooting. All done!

Your choice of backdrops.

You tell us what you want behind you: a moving background (projection), white (infinity), black, reclaimed wood, or our living room set.

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